Surface Transforms are experts in the development and production of carbon-ceramic materials and the UK’s only manufacturer of carbon-ceramic brakes for automotive use. ST utilises our proprietary next-generation carbon-ceramic material - CCST - to create lightweight brake discs for high-performance applications, including automotive and aircraft brakes. Surface Transforms has extensive in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, including the facilities for manufacturing carbon-ceramic brake discs.

While conventional carbon-ceramic brake discs use discontinuous (chopped) carbon fibre, ST interweaves continuous carbon fibre to form a 3D matrix, producing a stronger and more durable product with 3x the heat conductivity compared to our competitors; this reduces the brake system operating temperature, resulting in increased life of components with the same brake performance.

Surface Transforms' unique patented Carbon-Ceramic technology provides the ultimate braking performance for road and track:

  • Weight savings of up to 70% (typically 20kg of unsprung weight)

  • Improved handling and driveability

  • Improved NVH (less noise, vibration and harshness)

  • Improved performance (in both wet and dry conditions)

  • Reduced brake wear – giving increased life

  • Corrosion Free

  • Outstanding performance, even from cold

CCST Carbon ceramic brake discs

Surface Transforms has developed performance brake packages for some of the most demanding vehicles around, including:

Porsche GT2, GT3, Turbo and Cayman
Ferrari 430 and 458
Nissan GTR R35
Aston Martin V8 Vantage

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