Porsche 997 Development Testing at Prodrive's Test Track

April 25, 2013.  Surface Transforms completed sign-off of their High-Performance Carbon-Ceramic brake kit for the Porsche GT3/GT2 and Turbo at Prodrive's test track in Warwickshire. The track is a favourite with manufacturers to demonstrate new vehicles and the 1-mile straight makes it ideal for testing high-speed brake performance. After an initial period of bedding, Geoff Whitfield, ST's Engineering Manager put the car through it's paces with a series of high and lower speed stops to sign-off the brake performance throughout the range of vehicle performance both on road and track. The track test was the last in a series of road and track tests undertaken in the UK and Germany over the past 12 months to develop the ultimate brake solution for the Porsche GT range.

Once the development testing was completed, Prodrive Chief Instructor and race driver Jamie Wall took the wheel for a few laps and was very impressed with their performance of the ST Carbon-Ceramic brakes. After testing the brakes Jamie said 'The brake performance is really exceptional, I'm used to driving race cars with high-performance brakes but even so there is still an initial moment when you first apply the brakes when you wait to feel them grip, with these brakes the grip is immediate which gives you loads of confidence, that's only going to improve lap times'

To see images from the test day please go to our photo gallery.

ST's Carbon-Ceramic brake kits for the Porsche GT3/GT2 and Turbo are now available to purchase directly from www.surfacetransforms.com with other kits currently in development for high-performance vehicles such as the Nissan GTR.