ST to develop ceramic brake systems for electric vehicles

Surface Transforms in collaboration with electric vehicle specialists Delta Motorsport have been successful in the latest Niche Vehicle Network (NVN) funding competition and have secured funding for their project to develop carbon-ceramic brake discs for electric vehicles.
This project will address the opportunity for significant weight reduction (>60%) of brake discs for electric road vehicles whilst targeting a cost reduction of >30% compared to lightweight (conventional ceramic) brake disc technology. This will be achieved firstly by optimising the design of the brake disc for the specific attributes of electric vehicles including the potential for a reduced duty cycle through the use of regenerative braking.  The design will be further optimised by the application of a novel production process applying a high-temperature, low-wear coating to ceramic brake discs which allows for smaller, and lighter discs to be used.  The disc construction will also be designed to allow for re-use, where the coating can be reapplied at what would normally be the end of life saving 95% of the raw material and 90% of the energy used in initial production.
The NVN’s annual R&D competition aims to accelerate the development of cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles through more efficient propulsion systems, the use of alternative fuels, improved aerodynamics and reduced weight. 
Supported by Innovate UK, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the Niche Vehicle Network is a free to join independent association of over 300 niche vehicle manufacturers, specialist technology and supply chain companies.  For the past ten years, it has provided funding and support to enable these companies to develop new technology and build prototype vehicles which form the basis of new sports car and motorcycles and which demonstrate that the UK industry leads the way in the adoption of lightweight materials and advanced powertrain solutions.
In addition to providing funding for R&D projects, the Network offers its members a forum for the sharing of knowledge through the hosting of a number of networking events throughout the year.  These events bring its members together to share their knowledge and discuss the issues facing the niche vehicle supply chain.