BAC Mono with CCST discs takes record at Anglesey

The BAC Mono with CCST brake discs - driven by Richard Meaden of evo magazine - became the fastest road-legal car tested by evo at Anglesey Coastal Circuit. The lap time of 1:07.70 beat the previous record-holder (McLaren P1 GTR) by exactly one second.

The Mono features a 2.5-litre Ford Duratec four-cylinder engine tuned to deliver 305 bhp and 310 Nm of torque; the one-seat supercar weighs just 580 kg (only 7 kg of this coming from the light-weight CCST brake discs), giving it a 525 bhp per tonne power-to-weight ratio.

This success adds to the fastest ever Goodwood Festival of Speed Roadcar Hill Climb time last year and topping the Top Gear Power Lap Leaderboard in 2013 and BAC intend more iconic circuit record attempts in 2017.

Driver Richard Meaden said, "Driving the Mono is a quite amazing experience. From the what you climb into the car to how connected you feel with the road... you have a constantly remind yourself that you're in a road car when behind the wheel. Beating the McLaren P1 GTR by that big [of] a margin is simply staggering.

BAC Design Director Ian Briggs said, "The Mono has proved time and time again that it can compete with the best in the business, and its remarkable lap at Anglesey has made it a true pace icon."

You can see the full article on the BAC website.