Surface Transforms next-generation carbon-ceramic materials are used for many applications that require material that can withstand temperatures of over 2000 °C, is 70% lighter than cast iron and has low-friction and low-wear capabilities.


Surface Transforms next-generation carbon-ceramic material is ideal for many motorsport applications due to it’s lightweight construction, high level of performance and durability. Although Carbon-Carbon brakes (as used in F1) are often cited as the ultimate in motorsport brake performance, Carbon-Ceramic brakes may be more suitable for your specific vehicle, providing most of the performance at a significantly lower cost. 

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The next-generation of special vehicles for military and other applications are aiming for ever tougher payload and fuel efficiency targets. These targets are in turn driving the adoption of lightweight and composite materials in every area of the vehicle. By changing from traditional iron to ST’s Carbon-Ceramic brakes, unsprung weight savings of 20-30kg are achievable on special vehicle applications (dependent on brake size and no of wheels).

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Surface Transforms manufacture and supply carbon fibre pre-forms produced from Ox-PAN (carbon-fibre precursor) needled into a unique 3D structure then converted to carbon fibre. These pre-forms are used as base materials for producing carbon-carbon brake discs (as used in Formula 1) and other carbon-carbon components. Surface Transforms can produce pre-forms in sizes and quantities as you may require for your specific application.

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