Contact Details

The Surface Transforms contacts responsible for Supplier issues are:

Daniel Mannion
Danielm at surfacetransforms dot com
Senior Quality Engineer
+44 (0) 151 356 2141 Ext 8

Kerry Wood
Kerryw at surfacetransforms dot com
Quality Manager
+44 (0) 151 356 2141 Ext 8

General Requirements

1.       This Agreement covers all products manufactured or processed by the Supplier or by his subcontractors for Surface Transforms.
2.       The Supplier must be certified by a third party to ISO9001 or TS16949 or IATF16949 for all products or services supplied to Surface Transforms.
3.       As per the requirements of IATF 16949, Surface Transforms shall provide suppliers of automotive products and services with a minimum QMS certification level and a target QMS certification level. Surface Transforms requires that our suppliers develop, implement and improve a quality management system at or above the minimum level, towards the target level and with the ultimate objective of becoming certified to IATF 16949.
4.       A copy of the Supplier’s certificate of registration to Quality System standards must be provided to Surface Transforms. Subsequent updates to registration certificates must also be provided to Surface Transforms.
5.       Intent to change the Supplier’s Quality Management System registration must be communicated to Surface Transforms as early as possible to allow Surface Transforms as much time as possible to react.
6.       Changes to the Supplier’s Quality System registration status must be communicated immediately to Surface Transforms. This includes suspension, withdrawal or conversion to another standard.
7.       The Supplier shall be responsible for ensuring that its products and services meet all applicable national and international regulations and directives, e.g. RoHS, REACH and IMDS/ELV.

Engineering Changes

8.       Proposed changes and/or deviations to Supplier production processes must be communicated to and approved by Surface Transforms when those changes could potentially affect the form, fit, or function of Surface Transforms products.
9.       Any engineering changes impacting Surface Transforms products and/or services shall not be implemented until written approval from Surface Transforms has been received by the Supplier.

Product Shipments

10.    A Certificate of Conformance and copies of inspection/test records shall be included with every lot shipped from the Supplier to Surface Transforms. The Certificate of Conformance shall list all serial numbers/batch numbers within the shipment.
11.    No product shall be shipped with a known nonconforming condition unless first approved by Surface Transforms.
12.    Should the Supplier suspect that dispatched product may have a nonconforming condition it shall inform Surface Transforms immediately, giving details of batches, serial number or other identifiers.
13.    All shipments shall be accompanied by Dispatch Notes. Dispatch Notes shall include:
a.       ST Purchase Order number.
b.       ST Purchase Order in barcode format.
c.        ST Purchase Order Line ID(s).
d.       ST Purchase Order Line ID(s) in barcode format.
e.       ST Part Code(s).
f.         Quantities Dispatched.

14.    Packages must be marked with:
a.       Supplier Batch Number.
b.       ST Part Code.
c.        Quantity.

15.    Packages must not contain mixed batches; batches must be easily identifiable and separable.
16.    The Supplier must inform Surface Transforms of any instances of Premium Freight.

Quality Record Retention

17.    Supplier quality records related to the production or processing of Surface Transforms products, as applicable, must be retained for a minimum of seven (7) years:
a.       Calibration Reports
b.       Process Validation Records
c.        Design / Document Change Records
d.       Customer Complaint Records
e.       Corrective and Preventive Action Records

18.    At the end of the required retention period, the Supplier shall contact Surface Transforms to determine the appropriate disposition of the records (e.g., send to Surface Transforms, destroy, etc.).

Auditing by Surface Transforms

19.    Surface Transforms shall have the right to audit Supplier facilities and quality system at its discretion based on supplier performance, changes to the Supplier’s quality system, etc. Notification by Surface Transforms and approval by Supplier will precede the conduct of all such audits.
20.    This right shall also extend to Surface Transforms’ Customers.

Supplier Performance Monitoring

21.    Surface Transforms monitors the performance of suppliers on the following areas:
a.       Non-Conforming Product/Service
b.       Documentation
c.        Packaging
d.       Yard Holds
e.       Stop Ships
f.         Returns
g.       Recalls
h.       Delivery to Schedule/Lead Time
i.         Premium Freight
j.         Unavailable Stock
k.        RFQ Turnaround
l.         QMS Certification.

22.    These performance measurements are used to create a supplier rating and to determine the implementation of controls on supply, such as:
a.       Inspection Plan.
b.       Corrective Action Plans.
c.        Supplier Usage Review.

23.    Surface Transforms shall provide access to this scoring system (including scoring methodology and scoring report) on demand.
24.    These performance measurements are reviewed when selecting suppliers for new products, new projects or expansion of business.
25.    These performance measurements are used to determine minimum and target QMS Certification Levels.
26.    If a Supplier be seen to be failing with regards to quality or delivery, Surface Transforms may request that the Supplier submit an improvement plan and, if agreed, regularly report on its implementation. Where it can Surface Transforms shall contribute its expertise to assist the Supplier in improving.